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Exam Manager BoxedCoded Systems Exam Manager is a report oriented solution for processing examination marks. It features management reports as well as other detailed reports. It also manages student records through the production of class lists.


  • Fast, Accurate and Efficient examination processing
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Cost effective solution
  • Increased staff productivity


The following are the objectives that the system has been designed to meet:

  • Centralise the exam database to faculty level, and maintain secure departmental access
  • Automate procedural tasks to improve staff productivity
  • Improve speed and accuracy in examination processing and reporting
  • Secure authentication access privilege system
  • Provide a central Management Reporting System
  • Improve examination audit to a per student level
  • Accommodate a networked environment


Currently, version 1.12 series of the software is in use and includes the following features:

  • The University Regular Examination report faculty wide
  • Standardised Mark Sheets generated per class
  • Student Profiler reporting graphical representations of weighted averages since first year
  • Exam Summary Module that displays a printable performance graph of a group of candidates
  • Consolidated Marks Sheet report processing that supports customized sorting
  • Class list reports as a standard feature now fully integrated with the Trace Compliance standard
  • Transcript reports, now much more beautiful
  • Supplementary Exam report per group listing the candidates’ Registration Number, Name and the failed courses
  • Backing Up routine to make sure all data is safely copied electronically to ascertain a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) in the event of a disaster
  • Fully functioning User Administration module where an administrator can give Read, Read and Write, and No Access to database records on a departmental level. Meaning, users can only access records belonging to his/her department and non other
  • Centralized login architecture allowing users to virtually use any computer to Login to the database provided the computer runs the Exam Manager System
  • Course definition module with capability of semesterly sorting. This is used on the consolidated mark sheet to group courses
  • Multi-user support
  • Network deployable


These features are presented in five simple modules:

  • Login module
  • Main/Report Extractor Module
  • Student Module
  • Course Module
  • Marks Entry Module

The Main Module interface has also been improved to enhance consistency. This gives a fresh and clearer presentation of the application. The database has also been re-designed to cater for the improvements in the application and hence support the latter at its level.


The development path of the Exam Manager Software seeks to include the following features for succeeding versions:

  • Automated exam information e-mail facility to communicate to the student details pertaining to supplementary, repeat, investigations or discontinuation on their individual result. The facility will be actuated by the system administrator
  • Integration of Fee Module to capture student balances and assist in producing desired reports as well as integrating fee information in examination processing and reporting
  • An Internet interface module for displaying web certified transcripts, supplementary searching, performance summary and all other custom information desired by the faculty


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