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Custom SolutionsBusiness processes in principle are never similar, even within the same industry. When businesses are forced to automate. most of their core procedures are forced to change. It is this change that deserves Custom Software Solutions. The best bits of the previous procedures are carried forward to the new automated one so as to maintain consistency in business character and service or product differentiation.

Custom Software Applications / Systems

  • Web Based Software
  • Desktop Based Software
  • Mobile Phone Software

Development Platforms

  • Windows, Linux, Solaris, MacOS
  • JAVA, PHP, PERL, AJAX: For Web Based
  • JAVA, DELPHI, VB, C++: For Desktop Based
  • JAVA: For Mobile Based Software

Database Experience

Our experience here is strong amongst the various  available Database Management System (DBMS) Engines. Installation, Design, Optimisation and Commissioning are some of the tasks we have undertaken, Moreover, we have built various database software that have been in use for over five years.

The DBMSs that we have worked with include:

  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Sybase
  • MySQL
  • Firebird
  • MS SQL
  • Interbase

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